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Creation, Evolution & Science – A Scientific View

  The origins of life has been a popular topic of debate for decades, stirring division among groups of people regarding what to believe – whether a higher entity created life (Creation) or it was a direct result of a series of cosmic accidents (Evolution). Discussions often swerve from a friendly beginning and end up an intense argument between two opposing minds; one that is rooting for religion and faith in God, and the other for science and faith in human intelligence. The first greatest battle concerning the two conflicting “origins propositions” happened in 1859 when Charles Darwin published “The Origin of Species” and refuted previous beliefs on a young Earth and on a God-created cosmos. The latest debate happened on February 4, 2014, when science communicator Bill Nye debated Kentucky’s Creation Museum founder and young-Earth believer Ken Ham for three long hours. Now, we subject ourselves to yet another series of quandary involving our very origins and try to find the seemingly elusive answers to the questions: Where do we come from? Who or what made us – a supreme being or some cosmic event, or both? What should we believe in – Creation or Evolution? Does it matter

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