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Operation Science vs Origins Science

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Operational Science vs. Origins Science – Definition and Distinction If for anything, both creation and evolution have one thing in common: both cannot be proven through observation and repeat experimentation because the formation or creation of the universe was a one-time event. Does this mean that both theories of origins are NOT science? Not exactly. Both parties are conflicting due to a number of reasons, and among these reasons is the general but faulty assumption of having a singular definition of science. Science is an ever-evolving concept, but one eternally focused on finding the truth through systematic techniques. Taking the neutral and widely accepted definition of science, both theories (creation and evolution) are categorically scientific in that both use scientific methodologies to verify their hypotheses. No matter how much evolutionist discredit creation for being scientific, it is imperative to recognize both theories of origins as forms of historical science, or simply origins science. To understand this more, it is important to define the two general kinds of science: operational science and origins science. Operational Science Origins                                                

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