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Creation vs. Evolution

How has life come to be? How did the world come to be? Who was responsible for this? What is the Big Bang Theory? How did it come to occur? These are questions that have baffled more than half the population all over the world and while it is impossible to give a concrete answer to that, speculations have always been thrown about in the air. With the passage of time, more questions of the sort have been asked and with further improvement in technology, speculations of the finest kinds have been made although an actual and rigid answer has not been found. This is not surprising as we are dealing with a time where humans were not in existance to witness and therefore document/explain it.

Fresh concepts have now been introduced in science projects for kids which, in turn, have led to an even younger generation to start questioning the very beginning of existence. Since years there have been studies regarding this and there have been numerous scholarly journals based on the concept. The truth, however, remains that each journal, each study has always been based on speculations which is why it is has been hard not to consider the concept of creationism. The most important rule of science is to consider everything and then slowly weed them out as their existence is proved false. In this case, not one scientist , using operational science, has been able to tick out the participation of a higher being, which eventually brings us to the concept of Creation vs. Evolution.

“Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific View”

Apart from people who solely support any one concept, there are also people who need unbiased information on the Creation vs. Evolution and for them it becomes slightly difficult to keep an unbiased opinion themselves as most books and journals takes one side or the other. It is for such people that “Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific View” has proven to be extremely useful. With this book, not only have people been able to quench their thirst of knowledge about the concept but they have also been able to do that with an unbiased mind.

The author of the book Selva Sugunendran has made sure to first begin the book with a brief history that puts the readers in a position to be able to understand the developments from the very beginning of the debate and then end at the conclusions. Not only that, but the author also leaves space for the readers’ minds to do a lot of thinking and after attaining the necessary information, to come to a conclusion of their own. A book of this calibre has done nothing but helped people gather an unbiased view about the science and religion aspect of the creation of the world (or evolution, as the debate goes).

The author has also made sure to add extra pages of questions that might be frequently asked and has thus left no room for either misinformation or misconception. The idea produced in the book is clear and easy to read.


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