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Gaining in-depth Knowledge of Creation vs. Evolution

Ever since the concept of science came into being, there has been a constant debate about everything that had been previously listed to the list of things created by God. Since then, people have started questioning several aspects of life and while faith in God remains intact all over the world, people have been digging deeper in all aspects of life, trying to find an answer to their existence. In all of the debates the one of the most debated concept all over is the creation of the universe and the beginning of life. While most people just attribute it to the wonders of God, there are people questioning this ideology. “Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific view” written by Selva Sugunendran and published by him deals with such questions starting with a detailed history of the debate and then moving on to give an unbiased view of both phenomena.

A brief history

Since times immemorial, scientists all over the world have been trying to prove why evolution is true. There are quite a few scientists who blandly reject the idea of God being the sole reason behind it and there are people who have rejected the idea of science being the main reason. However, what people fail to understand is that creationism and evolution aren’t as different as they have been made out to be. For instance, there is always a question remaining as to what the very first “object” was or how it came to being. It is questions like these that call for faith in God but that has not stopped scientists from trying to figure out their own theories.

All in all, if pursued, the entire concept of Creationism vs. Evolution is an idea so deep and so entrenched in our minds that sometimes it becomes difficult to even keep track. “Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific View” by Selva Sugunendra has explored the various paths of creation vs. Evolution. He has not only discussed the theory of evolution but he has also explored the participation of a higher being, an almighty in the entire process.

About “Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific View”

The most interesting aspect of this book is that it has an unbiased opinion on the entire phenomenon of the beginning of the world. He does not solely concentrate on a singular idea but he also explores the religious views along with scientific views. For readers looking for an unbiased opinion, the book can be an absolute bliss and can be a store-house of information. The FAQs in the latter part of the book help further answer a number of questions that the reader might be having while reading the book.On the whole, the book has proven to be informative and easy to read and those who read this book will not only quench their curiosity but will also have the satisfaction of having found answers to a number of questions being raised in the current Creation vs Evolution debate.

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