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A Combination of Science and Religion

  Scientists have, for a long time, tried to prove to the world why evolution is true. On the other side, theists have progressed with their own agenda of preaching the hand of the almighty in the making of the universe. Thus, a diversion had occurred between the two studies and the ever widening division continues to this day. However, a new and more advanced group has formed in the recent years that have complete faith in the participation of God in the scientific making of the world. Most science projects for kids nowadays have tended to include the debate between creationism and evolution. The motive behind this is to impart the knowledge gained from the ongoing creation/evolution debate as well as have new minds thinking about the creation of the world. The science current events programmes are showing an increase in the number of questions and answers by scientists on the subject. In the current events articles, one might get a good view of the progress of scientists in the debate of creationism and evolution. In the book “Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific View” written by Selva Sugunendran, a number of scholarly journals as well as peer reviewed journals

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“Creation vs. Evolution – A Scientific View”- The Study

  A short introduction to the “Creation vs Evolution – A Scientific View” According to the author Selva Sugunendran, “I’ll try to find the seemingly elusive answers to the questions involving our very origins: Where do we come from? Who or what made us- a supreme being, some cosmic event, or both? What should we believe in- creation or evolution? Does it matter what we choose to believe? I have attempted to look at both sides of the argument, creation and evolution, fairly and scientifically, without taking sides”. This book has, very efficiently encompassed the entire idea of the beginning of the world and evolution upto the present day. He has skilfully explained the entire concepts of creationism and evolution without showing bias towards either of the concepts. The importance of the book In the present world that we live in, it is a relatively difficult to stay unbiased about the origin of the world. During the last few centuries the debate between the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism has been challenging each other and not until recently has the realization occurred that maybe both the concepts are working together in the history of the creation of

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Opinion of the General Population regarding Creation vs. Evolution

  WE now live in a time when even children are taught about evolution. The matter has been so thoroughly studied that the younger generation have been able to be given copies of science current events and have an opinion of their own regarding the matter. Science projects for kids have been seen to include quite a number of opinions or researches about the big bang as opposed to creation. The introduction of the idea to the younger generation has also brought about a need- a need to put forward an unbiased opinion in front of them about both the concept of creation and the concept of evolution. The book “Creation vs Evolution – A Scientific View” has very skilfully and successfully been able to encompass the entire idea in a very easy to read and explainable text that, when read, will impart the necessary knowledge to the reader without, for once, concocting a biased opinion in one’s mind. In an age where the debate has got stronger, there are sadly very few books to be found where both concepts are explained in a neat and unbiased manner. The most interesting concept of the book is that not only does

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The Need for People to Have unbiased Knowledge of the Beginning of the World

  Since times immemorial, the debate about the creation of the world has kept cosmologists on their toes, constantly researching and studying the world that existed well before human beings came into being. While progress in such a field is hardly difficult taking into consideration the number of people researching it and the years dedicated to the study, any concrete answer as to the beginning has not been found and much of the information that scientists have dug out are based mostly on keen speculation. However, there are a few researches that have yielded information and cannot be dismissed. The emergence of the concept of Creationism The concept of God came into being well before science. As time passed there is increased division as there are people who have unbounded faith in God and believe that an almighty God alone is responsible for the creation of the world. This is a concept that has come to be mostly through the ages and ancestrally and science has only emerged a few hundred years back. The emergence of the concept of Evolution The moment science entered into the picture, there has been questions that had previously been pushed under the pretext of

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