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A Combination of Science and Religion


Scientists have, for a long time, tried to prove to the world why evolution is true. On the other side, theists have progressed with their own agenda of preaching the hand of the almighty in the making of the universe. Thus, a diversion had occurred between the two studies and the ever widening division continues to this day. However, a new and more advanced group has formed in the recent years that have complete faith in the participation of God in the scientific making of the world.

Most science projects for kids nowadays have tended to include the debate between creationism and evolution. The motive behind this is to impart the knowledge gained from the ongoing creation/evolution debate as well as have new minds thinking about the creation of the world.

The science current events programmes are showing an increase in the number of questions and answers by scientists on the subject. In the current events articles, one might get a good view of the progress of scientists in the debate of creationism and evolution.

In the book “Creation vs. Evolution: A Scientific View” written by Selva Sugunendran, a number of scholarly journals as well as peer reviewed journals produced over the years of research by scientists have been used by the author in his research to bring out the best answers to the often asked questions.

The concept of creationism vs Evolution has been explained in the book in detail along with the pros and cons of the debate. The book is seen to be a conglomeration of science and religion. The theory of evolution has been explained in the creation vs evolution debate and almost like a biology article, each point produced in the book has been scientifically and carefully proven. Some of the arguments based on faith vs science have also been well documented.

The Evolution theory has been presented as scientific in classrooms while creationism is being taught purely as based on faith.This book however deals with evolution science and religion in order to explain various factors of the Evolution Science and Creation science along with scientific proof. The book has given many science Answers pertaining to both Science and Religion as its main concept.

The best part of the book is the ending where the author has not only provided basic FAQs but also a scope for the readers to make their own judgements after reading the information that has, so skilfully and carefully, been given to the readers. The entire book is completely unbiased, neatly taking one point and scientifically explaining it till all doubts are resolved regarding both creationism (which is believed to be the making of God) as well as evolution (or the work of cosmic or natural phenomena).


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