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“Creation vs. Evolution – A Scientific View”- The Study


A short introduction to the “Creation vs Evolution – A Scientific View”

According to the author Selva Sugunendran, “I’ll try to find the seemingly elusive answers to the questions involving our very origins: Where do we come from? Who or what made us- a supreme being, some cosmic event, or both? What should we believe in- creation or evolution? Does it matter what we choose to believe? I have attempted to look at both sides of the argument, creation and evolution, fairly and scientifically, without taking sides”.

This book has, very efficiently encompassed the entire idea of the beginning of the world and evolution upto the present day. He has skilfully explained the entire concepts of creationism and evolution without showing bias towards either of the concepts.

The importance of the book

In the present world that we live in, it is a relatively difficult to stay unbiased about the origin of the world. During the last few centuries the debate between the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism has been challenging each other and not until recently has the realization occurred that maybe both the concepts are working together in the history of the creation of the world. After all, the creation of the world as we see it is not an ordinary phenomenon.

The book is mainly focused on three main concepts: Creation, evolution and Science. The author himself believes in God despite being a man of science and thus, in his own views, he has explained what he had learned over his years. The author has carried out extensive research on the basics and has started the book with a detailed history of the debate and then, has proceeded to explain both theories making use of the materials he had studied and gathered over the years. He has basically detailed all the knowledge he has acquired on both concepts and has scientifically proven each point making his information trustworthy and reliable.

He has also published three supplementary books on specific issues to further assist the reader to gain an indepth view of the “Fact or Fiction” debate between the two opposing concepts.

The concept of creationism and evolution seen as allies

When one goes to the depth of the studies (like most scientists have), one realizes the close connection of creationism and evolution which are separated by only a few, although important, points and the author has very skilfully been able to guide the readers through an understanding of this whole concept. His FAQs section has provided necessary answers that might be required before or during the reading and his description of each point is clean and easy to read making it readable for all ages. The knowledge provided in the book is unique and in the end, the readers are allowed to form their own opinions after being well versed with the elementary concepts.


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