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Opinion of the General Population regarding Creation vs. Evolution


WE now live in a time when even children are taught about evolution. The matter has been so thoroughly studied that the younger generation have been able to be given copies of science current events and have an opinion of their own regarding the matter. Science projects for kids have been seen to include quite a number of opinions or researches about the big bang as opposed to creation. The introduction of the idea to the younger generation has also brought about a need- a need to put forward an unbiased opinion in front of them about both the concept of creation and the concept of evolution. The book “Creation vs Evolution – A Scientific View” has very skilfully and successfully been able to encompass the entire idea in a very easy to read and explainable text that, when read, will impart the necessary knowledge to the reader without, for once, concocting a biased opinion in one’s mind.

In an age where the debate has got stronger, there are sadly very few books to be found where both concepts are explained in a neat and unbiased manner. The most interesting concept of the book is that not only does it provide the readers with exceptional knowledge about both concepts of Creation and Evolution but it also explains the pros and cons of the two. In the end, the author, very skilfully managed to put into paper a conglomeration of two seemingly different explanations of the beginning of the world as we see it, and end the book with the definite allowance of the readers to have space in their mind to have an opinion of their own.

In the recent days, the beginning of the world has become something of a Faith vs. Science debate, which most people fail to realize have a very intricate bonding. The author of the book “Creation vs. Evolution – A Scientific View”, Selva Sugunendran, has done a very detailed study of the concept before jotting it down on paper in an even more detailed manner. It is a book that could be easily used in science projects for kids, meaning that it is for all age groups with a very clear text and an easy to read vocabulary.

The author has also very clairvoyantly dedicated a few pages for FAQs (frequently asked questions) which would definitely help the readers with any questions that might have arisen during the course of the study or even questions that might have had any bearing to the concept. The FAQs consist of answers that would not only help read the text but also enlighten the reader about any previous qualms they might have had.

In all, the “Creation vs. Evolution – A Scientific View” has vouched to help readers gain a better understanding of the entire concept and give a rest to the idea of Faith vs Science and how they might, at some point, have been working together behind the entire phenomenon.


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