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The Need for People to Have unbiased Knowledge of the Beginning of the World


Since times immemorial, the debate about the creation of the world has kept cosmologists on their toes, constantly researching and studying the world that existed well before human beings came into being. While progress in such a field is hardly difficult taking into consideration the number of people researching it and the years dedicated to the study, any concrete answer as to the beginning has not been found and much of the information that scientists have dug out are based mostly on keen speculation. However, there are a few researches that have yielded information and cannot be dismissed.

The emergence of the concept of Creationism

The concept of God came into being well before science. As time passed there is increased division as there are people who have unbounded faith in God and believe that an almighty God alone is responsible for the creation of the world. This is a concept that has come to be mostly through the ages and ancestrally and science has only emerged a few hundred years back.

The emergence of the concept of Evolution

The moment science entered into the picture, there has been questions that had previously been pushed under the pretext of miracles of God. With time, the idea of an almighty power being the reason behind the creation had started to wane and a number of people who are beginning to rely mpre on the explanation of the big bang and the theory of evolution. However, there are many Creation Scientists who believe that science and religion are quite closely tied which bring us to the debate of the centuries: Creation vs. Evolution debate between Scientists holding opposite views.

The emergence of the debate between creationism and evolution

Creationism is the belief that God was responsible for the creation of the world and that everything can be attributed to Him whereas Evolution has the view that there are various scientific reasons for the beginning which has usually been chalked up to the Big Bang. It involves study of the process of every organism evolving through the ages. Science has already established that each organism has a common component in them but are separated by appearance due to the change in the way of evolving.

However, at the end of the day, there are several questions that still baffle scientists and students alike and it is here that the pros and cons of the concept of both creationism and Evolution has to be investigated.The book “Creation vs. Evolution – A Scientific View” by Selva Sugunendran deals with both the concepts and gives an entirely unbiased view of the beginning of the Earth supported by scientific research along with scholarly journals and peer reviewed journals that he had researched himself.



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