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Selva Sugunendran – Full Bio

Selva Sugunendran CEng, MIEE, MCMI, CHt, MIMDHA, MBBNLP is an Integrated Systems Business Consultant, Internet Marketer, Clinical hypnotherapist/ Counsellor, Master NLP Practitioner Social Media Evangelist and a Neuroscientific Researcher.

He originally qualified in the UK with a degree in Electronics Engineering. He subsequently became a professional Chartered Engineer as well as a Chartered Manager.

Selva worked for major organisations in the UK including GEC, Plessy, Racal, EMI and Thorn. He held senior Management positions including General Manager status within the EMI organisation.Selva_CreativePro

In 1985, he decided to form his own Company in IT based Integrated Systems Software Development. His Computer based Solutions were installed in major Blue chip Companies including BMW, Rolls Royce, Virgin Atlantic, Lloyds of london as well as prestigious Ministry Of Defence Sites.

During all this time he analysed and wrote detailed specifications and presented to the client Companies. His ability to put into words the complex solutions in an easily understandable manner has always been one of his greatest strengths.

Since selling his last Company to a major Group in 2006, he works as a Consultant in Business Success Solutions as well as Internet Marketing/ Social Media/ Personal Empowerment.

He is an Expert Platinum Author for an International Article Directory and has written articles on various topics including Health, Fitness & Wellness, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personal Empowerment, Secrets of Success in Business and in Life.

He has already published three books on Success- related topics including, “7 Steps to Stratospheric Success”. Two of these Success books are already “Best Sellers”.

His previous books (both on Wellness Healthcare) were published in September 2012.

During the last two years he was actively engaged in the study of Neuroscience and associated Research. During this period he has conducted extensive research into the “Origin of life” both from the Biblical point of view and the Evolutionist point of view. His Scientific mind has enabled him to study this complex issue from an impartial stand point and the result is the publication of his 9th book which is called, “Creation vs evolution- A Scientific View”.

After running his own IT-based Companies in the UK for 25 years, he now enjoys helping others to succeed in life through learning new technologies such as Internet Marketing and Social Media Techniques.

He also supports charitable organisations helping the very young from abuse and the very old to live with dignity.





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